Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the Web Site server sends to the browser used by the user to access (either from a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). The purpose of Cookies is to store information about the navigation that is made from said equipment on the website, with the possibility of retrieving said information at any time..

You can consult a guide on Cookies in the following link (in Spanish):

Cookies are only associated with an anonymous user and their device and do not provide references that allow to deduce personal data of the user. The user can configure their browser to notify and reject the installation of Cookies sent by the Web, without prejudice to the user’s ability to access the contents of said website. However, the performance of the website may decrease.

What kind of Cookies exist?

  • Own or third party cookies: are proprietary when cookies are managed from From third parties, when they are sent by an external entity to
  • Session and persistent cookies: session Cookies expire when the user closes the browser. Persistent Cookies expire depending on when the purpose for which they serve is fulfilled (for example, so that the user remains identified) or when they are manually deleted.
  • Technical cookies / personalization / analysis / advertising: technical cookies allow control of traffic and data communication. The personalization ones allow users to access according to some of their own characteristics (browser, language, etc.). The analysis cookies collect data on the behavior of users and allow to develop a user profile. Finally, advertising cookies collect data on the management of advertising spaces.

What Cookies do we use in Calpe Pool?

  • Facebook: We use Facebook Cookies and Facebook-related plugins to display Facebook content in, and allow the user to interact with the content displayed from the same Website, without the need to go to the Facebook website.
  • Google: We use Google Cookies for various purposes, such as: behavioral analytics and user interaction with the Website, showing relevant advertising for the user, administration of labels.
  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare Cookies are used to identify individual customers in shared IPs, establishing individual security preferences. These Cookies do not store any identifying information.
  • WordPress: The Website uses own Cookies of the CMS WordPress / wooCommerce for the management of user sessions and the personalization of the site and content.
  • Divi: the Divi or Extra themes of Elegant Themes and its plugins create several cookies related to the appearance of the Website.
  • Polylang: we use the Polylang plugin to generate content in different languages. To maintain the language selected by the user, a series of Cookies are generated.

How to disable Cookies?

Disabling Cookies will not enjoy the optimal user experience in If you still want to disable them, you can follow the instructions corresponding to your browser:

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